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Core Values

  1. Results –Oriented

Performance shall be appraised based on “outputs and outcomes achieved” and not on inputs.

  1. Mission Driven

The mission and goals, and not mere compliance with rules and regulations, shall be our basis in all important decisions.

  1. Clients –Focus

Goals and operations shall focus on meeting the needs of the clients. Hence; “Our School and its Employees” shall ESCHEW self interest and bureaucratic behavior.

  1. Participatory-Oriented

We shall promote the participation of the community of our clients.

  1. Strategic-Oriented

We shall adopt Strategic Planning and Management Techniques

  1. Value For Money Concern

The quest for cost-efficiency and effectiveness shall prevail throughout our operations

  1. Innovativeness

We shall continuously search for the”quality-enhancing”and “cost saving techniques and technologies in all our operations”

  1. Monitoring and Evaluating

We shall institute systems and mechanisms to “continually monitor and evaluate performance”, and “to anticipate problems and solutions”.